Fair Pricing

More than fair pricing AND payment with options!

Under Contract Cleaning offers pricing based on square footage rather than hourly to keep costs affordable for our clients. We charge based on a sliding square footage scale of the total size of the property, the type of cleaning and the intensity of the cleaning. Our sliding total square footage scale ranges from $0.08-$0.20/sq.ft. with a $175 minimum. This cost is inclusive of all supplies, travel and gas as to assure you no extra costs will show up on your final invoice. We will never ask for payment until the cleaning has been completed to assure your satisfaction with our cleaning services. How does that work? We will send the final invoice to you VIA email (unless another method is requested) with payment information included on the bottom of the invoice. We accept major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card and Discover which can be processed at your convenience through our website. We also accept checks and money orders which can be mailed directly to us or one of our team can pick it up. We allow up to two weeks for payment!

Could we give you some examples!  Sure!

Typically a complete detailed cleaning for a vacant 2,000 sq. ft. property (1,000 up and 1,000 down) for an average intensity cleaning (one dog, one cat, cabinets and appliances need cleaned inside and out and the property has not been cleaned for 3-4 weeks so a fair, but not extensive amount of dust and hair exists) would cost no more than $300 and no less than $250.

Typically a partial detailed cleaning for an occupied 7,000 sq. ft. property (4,000 up and 3,000 down) for a light to moderate intensity cleaning (no pets, exclusive of inside appliances, but inclusive of all other cleaning (base boards, light fixtures, detailed bathroom etc.), and has not been cleaned for 1-2 weeks, so a light amount of dust exists) would cost no less than $560 and no more than $700.

note:  These examples do not include any additional items such as window cleaning, wall washing, vent and duct surface cleaning and/or garage cleanings. These examples also do not include any intense cleaning fees for items such as excessive pet hair, excessive grease, excessive dirt/dust build-up and/or excessive mold/soap scum removal.