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We are a builders best friend…

Whether you need preliminary cleaning, maintenance cleaning and/or final cleaning…relax, we’ve got you covered. Under Contract Cleaning specializes in preliminary and final clean-up during, throughout and at the finish of a renovation, remodeling or building project. We make life easier for contractors!  Clean-up would be unnecessary in an ideal construction world if contractors had the time and resources to stay “on top of it”.  In the real construction world, however, obligations of greater caliber than final clean-up take priority and can leave panic for a last minute clean-up.  That’s where we come in.  Not only do we work on a last minute schedule to keep you and your clients happy, but we have all the essentials to make your hard work shine!

We can do it all or just parts:

  • Preliminary Cleaning
  • Floor papering, window covering and/or fixture protection
  • Maintenance Cleanings throughout project
  • Final trash removal and disposal and clean-up.